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Hiya TMMA Family!

Team Tactical will be running the Highlander Assault Saturday, October 7th at Noon!! We will be there all day though from 8:30am-5:30pm and we earned the VIP tent so come CHEER on your friends as they complete the 4 mile/20 obstacles racecourse. Proudly wear your Tactical shirt! $5/person for Spectator and $5/car for parking. 

Address: 1911 W. Fernview Lane, Holiday Hills, IL

After the Race: FREE PIZZA & BEER on us at Buddyz Pizza in Algonquin on Saturday, October 7th at 7pm to celebrate Team Tactical completing the Highlander Assault race!!!! Bring the whole family for a fun and relaxing time of laughter and friendship. Please contact us with the number of people (adults and kids) that you will be bringing so we can make sure we have plenty for everyone!


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