Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Reviews

Colleen H., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

Recently started going here for the kettle ball classes, and I have absolutely no complaints! The whole gym is a very friendly environment and the instructors are so helpful, they help you through the exercises whenever they see you struggling. I never felt judged there and everyone that goes are also very friendly. I would highly recommend!!

Colleen H.

Susan K., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

This place is fantastic! My daughter joined a few weeks ago and by the first week we saw so much improvement in her mood ,and the best of all her confidence levels have been sky high!

Susan K.

Jenny C., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

I started working out here about 8 weeks ago. Kettlebells have turned out to be a great workout for this busy mom. They have a kids room open for all classes and a babysitter is in the room for the two evening ones. The workouts are 30 minutes with 5 minutes of stretching post workout. I always leave feeling like I gave it my all because Jen and Tony are awesome motivators and two of the nicest people you'll meet. They really encourage you to keep going even when you think you can't. I love it here, highly recommended to anyone, any fitness level!

Jenny C.

Lauren A., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

I have been consistently attending kettle bell classes since May '16 and started adding CMMA. And I absolutely love it! I never was motivated to do home workouts, stuck to exercising, or felt comfortable going to a gym like lifetime. I don't think I could ever find a better place to exercise than in a fun, supportive, and motivating environment like tmma. Looking forward to this year's progress.

Lauren A.

Javier M., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

Its a great environment. The trainers are amazing. The workout has been tough!

Javier M.

Maria O., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

We're here 4-5 days a week, whether it be kettlebells, kids MMA, adult MMA or self defense. Must be a good place because I really HATE kettlebells. Yet I keep coming back for more; 3x a week to train with those wretched bells. Results can't be faked and the welcome you feel here can't be duplicated.

Maria O.

Mary A., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

I absolutely loved the rape prevention/self defense class. The owner and his wonderful family are amazing and so helpful. My mom and I learned a lot and cannot wait to go back! I cannot wait to try the MMA Cardio class.

Mary A.

Kelly K., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

If you are looking for a place to meet your goals surrounded by laughter and encouragement, then this is the place for you! Great instruction, constant motivation, creative incentives, family friendly atmosphere, and a staff that truly cares about the success of the students.

Kelly K.

Michelle J., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

Friendly, fun atmosphere. Owners Mr. & Mrs. Jones awesome and attentive. No frills just hard core work out - good instruction - great team atmosphere - no judge - no peer pressure. Love the mental & physical push and variety.

Michelle J.

Stephanie J., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

I have found my niche at TMMA in Kettlebell Class! I always look forward to sweating with the best coaches and friends one could ever be blessed to find. I was just looking for somewhere to get in shape for my wedding, but instead of only meeting that one goal, I have been inspired to continue making new fitness goals and lifestyle changes at TMMA. Every class time has a great group of people working together to better each other. That makes every class offered the best time to go! Sweat, laughs and friends, they have everything!

Stephanie J.

Stacy T., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

Tony & Jenny provide such a comfortable, welcoming environment. They are correcting to make sure I always have good form & getting the most out of my Kettlebells workout. I have seen great results and have so much fun doing it. I look forward to those 1/2 hour classes 3 times a week! If you're looking for a fun, hard workout I highly recommend Kettlebells!

Stacy T.

Amanda G., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

I love TMMA!!! I get bored very quickly and was looking for a new great workout and found out about the Cardio MMA class at TMMA. I absolutely love that class! It kicks my butt every time, the stations vary each day to keep things interesting, and I even get to learn self defense which is also a great stress reliever! There are so many positive benefits this class has to offer but the best part about it all is the fun, encouraging, family-type environment TMMA has to offer. Tony and Jennie are the best! They truly care about every member and always make sure I am doing the moves correctly. They have added to my self confidence and in the time I have been doing this class, I have noticed myself toning up. It's our responsibility to work for the results we want to see but Tony and Jennie are there to motivate and encourage along the way. TMMA, Tony, Jennie, and all of the wonderful, fun people that I work out with are more than I could ever ask for in a gym. I would most definitely recommend TMMA to anyone!

Amanda G.

Mike K Jr., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

I have been coming here to do Kettle Bells and more before they opened their place in Lake in the Hills. Tony and Jenny have been greats friends and lead this family of fitness! I always enjoy coming here for either KB's or Cardio TMMA. But they do much more. Sometimes its hard to workout because Tony it making me laugh!

All the people who come here are fun and great to be working out next to. Come and join!!!

Mike K Jr.

Debbie C., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

I love this place. Been going there 2.5 years. They are great people and exercise is lively and fun! Give them a try!

Debbie C.

Natalie C., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

Love!!! Great people and great workouts!! The classes are fun and different every time so you don't get bored and they keep you coming back!

Natalie C.

Marissa A., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

The staff is great and very encouraging. The kettleball classes have been challenging and are proving to be a excellent workout. I'm looking forward to getting fit!

Marissa A.

Paul W., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

Great place - awesome Kettlebell program, in a lively, social atmosphere. Tony and Jennifer are fun, informative trainers who've really made me enjoy being in constant pain : )

Paul W.

Kathleen S., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

Love this place! Love the people! If you want to feel welcomed, challenged and motivated when you exercise, this is the place to be. TMMA rocks!!!

Kathleen S.

Olivia C., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

awesome people, awesome experience.

Olivia C.

Andrea S., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

Wonderful place and very nice people! The owners are awesome! My daughter is having fun here and to see her smiles makes my day! Thank you Tony and Jennifer!

Andrea S.

Katie S., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

I tried the cardio MMA class and it was an awesome workout! It was my first time trying anything like this before but the instructors were great and very informative.

Katie S.

Michael K., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

Thanks to Tony and Jen, there 90 day kettle bell workout help me get through the 2016 Tough Mudder Challenge. I'm looking forward to keep working out there, to prepare myself for next year Touch Mudder.

Michael K.

Jenny P., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

Jenny and Tony are great teachers and wonderful people. I love the kettlebell class. They make it fun and push me to keep going. My daughter loves her kids martial arts class. She has learned a lot and has a great time with Sensei Tony and Sensei Jenny. Try it out you will love it too.

Jenny P.

Tarcila O., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! 
Today I bought my pants a size 10!!!!! YAY!!!!! The last time I was a size 10 was 13yrs ago!!! Thank you for the motivation & love

Tarcila O.

Arianna C., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

This truly works every muscle in your body. The instructors are amazing and so motivating!

Arianna C.

Maria O., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

Sweep the leg Johnny! Put 'im in a body bag!

Ok, perhaps I'm mixing genres here; judo & jujitsu are the predominant styles taught here. You won't see crane kicks or an elderly Japanese gardener at Tactical; but you will find a fun and friendly place to practice.

Family classes are fantastic! My two boys LOVE going and learning from Sensei Tony and Ms Jennie. It's great because the little kids and the bigger 'kids' can learn at the same time. (And I don't have to sit on a bench, instead I learn what my munchkins are learning too) They break up into two smaller groups so everyone can focus on their ability level. And I think my whole family's favorite part (ok, maybe 2nd to tackling the practice dummies) is the few minutes after class where Sensei asks the kids and adults how their week is going. It lets everyone have a chance to speak and connect.

My abs are killing me after last night's self defense class. Is it because of practicing my "shrimps",escapes and kimoras? Or maybe from laughing so hard? Believe me, there is never a dull moment around the  Jones'.

Kettlebells are an intense workout that I love to hate. It doesn't matter your skill or fitness level, Sensei & Jennie accommodate to help you get your workout in.  

Go check 'em out and get ready to learn, sweat, laugh, and get yo' swoll on!

Maria O.

Nancy C., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

I just started 3 weeks ago and am absolutely hooked on kettle bells! Tony and Jenny are awesome and make you feel right at home! Today, I put on a pair of jeans I haven't been able to wear for almost a year because I couldn't button/zip them up but they fit today! I still have a ways to go but I am determined & so thankful to have met such awesome people! Thanks Tony & Jenny!

Nancy C.

Jackie H., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

If someone would've told me a 6 months ago that I would actually enjoy working out I would've called them crazy. Now I not only enjoy kettlebell and MMA I think it's the best part of my day and look forward to it!

Jackie H.

Dennis H., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

Honestly the highlight of my day is when I'm swinging my heavy bells in between my legs while Tony (instructor/owner/stud) is shaking what his mama gave him to "Uptown Funk". This place is awesome!!!

Dennis H.

Missy V., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

I'm hooked! 1st class♡ and I can't believe how Awesome and supportive! The entire environment of the class was upbeat and motivating. SO WORTH IT! The instructional help ensures your safety and also for you to get the BEST out of the class.

Missy V.

Julie F., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

I highly recommend Tactical Mixed Martial Arts and their Kettlebell program. I am not a huge exercise person so 30 minutes 3 times a week is doable and so worth it. Whether you are a beginner or experienced at doing the exercises, the Jones family is there to make sure you are doing them correctly. Awesome place, awesome people!

Julie F.

Tyler N., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

Good, positive review. I recommend trying it. It gives a great work out, helps your self defense, and the people who work there are very nice and fun. It is fun there!

Tyler N.

Alexandria L., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

I can't get enough of this place! Nicest people ever and so helpful! Can't wait for my class in an hour!

Alexandria L.

Annie G., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

Fantastic workout! Fanatastic owners! Fantastic trainers!

Annie G.

Sandy A., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

Friendly, fun, supportive staff who not only encourage you the whole workout, but will take the time to show you individually how to do the exercises. I look forward to every class!

Sandy A.

Tyler G., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

I think this class is awesome I always have fun when I come always have a laugh and always have a great time with my partners

Tyler G.

Lauren M., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

Worth every penny! Go to this class and get fit in an environment made great by the other people in the class as well as the coaches. They will push you to do more than you thought you could and then cheer for you when you succeed. I've only been to 4 weeks of my 90 day challenge and I'm already handling more weight and mastering exercises I could barely do week 1. Tony and Jen are great coaches who make sure your form is right. If you have any injuries or issues no need to skip class they help tailor the day's work out to your needs. Go to this class, stick to it, and you WILL see results!

Lauren M.

Elizabeth N., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

Not far at all from McHenry and well worth it. Even after an intense session, I still can't wait to come back. The family vibe, encouragement, and laughs all make it a fun time to sweat your ass off. I can already feel improvement! Thank you!

Elizabeth N.

Fran P., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

The two "Jones" instructors are awsome. 30 minute class is just enough for you to hurt but a good hurt.

Fran P.

Jose D., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

The biggest reason why I love tmma is they welcome you with open arms to be apart of something so great u cant find anywhere besides training or kettles or mma u become apart of a family to me this is the most important thing in the world and in tmma I urge everyone to try m become part of tmma family it will change yr life and attitude and change you to be a better person love tmma n my family

Jose D.

Kirsten C., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

They are the nicest people! Very knowledgeable about what they do! Love every class! Definitely would do it everyday if I could! I feel so great after their training! Very happy with them!: )

Kirsten C.

Michael P., Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Testimonials

Kettle bells make my beer taste better!

Michael P.

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